How to make GoPro slow motion video like Twixtor in Cineform

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Recently, I made a tutorial for how to make super smooth slow motion GoPro footage in Quicktime 7 Pro. However, I did not realize that the same can be done quicker, easier and for FREE in GoPro’s free editing software Cineform Studio.

How to slow your video down in Cineform Studio

Want to see the video tutorial of this process? Follow me on Google + at:

1. Download Cineform Studio from
2. Import your video into Cineform Studio. The original footage should be shot in 60 to 120 frames per second (fps). The higher the smoother!
3. Trim away excess footage by setting “in” and “out”.
4. In Advanced Setting, set frames per second to 23.98p or 29.97p. I prefer the latter, as it gives a smoother result.
5. Add clip to conversion list and hit “convert”.
6. Go to “step 2”.
6b. (optional) Make any color changes you desire.
7. Go to “File” and “Export .mov”

Voila! You now have a super smooth slow motion video of your GoPro footage. The exported file can of course be imported into iMovie, Movie Maker or other editing software.


7 responses to “How to make GoPro slow motion video like Twixtor in Cineform

    • Unsure if I understand you correctly, Roly Viera. But you’re not supposed to click on the movie itself, it that’s what you meant? The video displays nicely on my computer (and mac as well). Let me know if you can’t figure it out!

  1. I made my video recording at 240fps in 480p mode. So, I change framerate to 15fps and I get a awesome slow motion… Try!

  2. Does this method create new frames between frames like Twixtor? Twixtor looks at 2 adjoining frames, and creates a new frame in between those two. That is what makes Twixtor videos super super smooth. Thanks…

    • No, it does not merge the frames like twixtor. However, with a high initial frame rate (60-120fps) you will still get smooth slow motion at 0,25-0,5 x normal speed.

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