10K sub 40 min, week 10 report: periodizing

First kink in the road in my new-born project to run Sentrumsløpet (10K) in under 40 minutes surfaced about 24 hours in, in the shape of a bacterial infection. I have been knocked out all week and so all running for week ten has been scratched. Motivation took a slight, but temporary beating. When I first was to be sick, better now than in 9 weeks.

My mate, who is running Sentrumsløpet with me, asked his colleague and former olympic champion in biathlon what the best preparations for the race would be. “In ten weeks? Train as much and hard as possible.” Although I’m inclined to agree, I have decided to organize my training in periods (at the extent possible in 10 weeks). Partly because I have had good experience with this previously and partly because I think it makes the training more fun and less monotonous.

The basic premises of training is simple. Train and break your body down, rest and adapt to become stronger. This principle can be applied to a single exercise, but also to longer perspectives like weeks or months. A commonly applied method of getting in shape for a competition is to train hard and push your body to the limit up until 1-3 weeks before the competition. By rest and easy/easier training the remaining time, your body will adapt to the heavy training and, if timed correctly, you will find a great shape for the competition.


My plan for the 10-week program
Week 10: Getting used to running again. Easy running and starting “prehabilitation” (injury-preventative exercises)
Week 9: Getting used to higher intensity running. High intensity intervals.
Week 8-7: Moderate period. Finding the right paces in intervals. Prehabilitation.
Week 6-3: Heavy period. High workload and emphasis on moderate and high intensity intervals.
Week 2-1: Easier period. Lesser workload, shorter workouts, emphasize high speed

In reality, it doesn’t matter how good your plan is, what matters is how you follow through. Quite often, the best training will include deviating from the plan when your body tells you to. While not being able to run, my training this week has consisted of performing eccentric exercises for preventative measures. Looking forward to start running again and will write more on prevention of running injuries next week!


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