How to make GoPro slow motion like Twixtor in Quicktime

Uten navn
So you have seen the fabulous super slow motion videos on youtube and gone and bought yourself a GoPro camera. But you don’t have expensive software and plugins like Adobe Creative Suite, Twixtor, Final Cut Pro and optimized flow. How then, do you create those silky smooth slow motion videos?

It can be easily done in Quicktime 7 Pro.

Firstly, to create smooth slow motion footage you will need footage shot in 60 or 120 frames per second (or in between). Standard settings on many video cameras, smart phones and still cameras are 30 frames per second. Fortunately, the new GoPro HD HERO black edition camera shoots up to 120 frames per second. Even the “old” GoPro HD HERO 1 shoots at 60 fps, which is sufficient for cool and smooth videos at half of normal speed.

The issue comes with editing tools like iMovie (mac) or Movie Maker (PC) which only import footage at 30 frames per second. This means, that when slowed down, the video will display even less than 30 frames per second, which will make the video look jerky.

The solution to this problem is to slow the original footage down from 60/120 to 30 frames per second before importing it in iMovie. This can be done with Quicktime 7 Pro. Here follows a tutorial of what you need to do. It all seems a bit longwinded, but once you’ve done it a few time it will only take you 20 seconds.

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1. Download Quicktime 7 Pro from It comes at a price of $29.99, which in my opinion is worth every penny (considering you just spent $400 on the camera).
2. Install and open Quicktime 7 Pro
3. Open your original movie file (CMD + O)
4. Ensure the entire movie is selected by dragging the two markers underneath the timeline
5. Copy the footage you just selected (CMD + C)
6. Open a new Quicktime 7 Pro player (CMD + N) and ensure it is selected by clicking on it.
7. Now paste your video into the new player 2 to 4 times (CMD + V). The more times you paste, the slower the final footage will appear. For original videos shot at 60 fps I would recommend pasting no more than twice. For original footage shot in 120 fps pasting 3 or 4 times will still look smooth (and very slow).
8. Select the entire video by adjusting the markers underneath the timeline.
9. Open video properties (CMD + J)
10. In video properties, select the video track and delete it. Then uncheck the box next to the audio track.
11. Now paste your original footage (this is still on the computer’s clipboard from step 5.) to selection and scale (SHIFT + ALT + CMD + V)
12. VOILA! Save your new video (CMD + S)

NB! Keep in mind that all the above commands can be carried out manually from the menu at the top of your screen. But the shortcuts are quicker.

You should now have a slow motion sequence that can be imported into iMovie or Movie Maker.

Let me know if you found this useful and I will post more GoPro tutorials in the future.


One response to “How to make GoPro slow motion like Twixtor in Quicktime

  1. Hi there, thanks very much first of all. Very useful!

    My only issue is that, once the new slo-mo film is made/saved, when i open the file in movie maker / VLC / WMP it plays-back at normal speed and then cuts out at the halfway point (this is when pasting just twice, for half-speed). If you could help at all that’d be epic!

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