How to get healthy without exercising

Shortly after I criticized our national broadcasting network for their article on snow shovels that don’t hurt your back, they “retaliate” with a great article on health and movement. I like it!

Allegedly, research has shown that 30 minutes of daily physical activity cuts the risk of lifestyle-dependent disease in half, compared to no physical activity at all. According to a study by the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, only 20 percent of us undertake the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Part of the problem is that we no longer remain physically active at work.

Here are a few tips to get healthier without exercising:
– Place the coffee machine or printer in the opposite end of the building you work in. Or on a different floor.
– Meetings don’t have to take place around a table, have them while standing or walking (movement is positive for your brain as well).
– Use your cell phone or handsfree, so that you can talk and walk at the same time.
– Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
– Walk, run, cycle or ski to work. If taking the bus, consider walking an extra stop instead.
– Walk to the super market and carry your groceries home.
– Think of snow shoveling and similar activities as free exercise. Get your body warm and prepared and take your time finishing the job.

Start taking some detours in life! You might just enjoy it :)


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