Snow shovels that help your back – or not

Usually, I am accustomed to savy journalistic work from our national brodcasting network, especially when matters of health are concerned. This recent piece though, represents spot on what I believe is wrong with society of today. And why the musculoskeletal tab is the biggest one on the national health budget.

The snow shovels that don’t hurt your back
Even the title in itself is wrong! When has a snow shovel ever been to blaim for someones back pain? Sure enough, every winter people flock to their chiropractors when getting back pain from shoveling the driveway after the first snow fall. And a good thing they seek help for their problems, I say! That way their chiropractor (or whoever is taking care of them) can tell them that their pain most likely represents a message that you would benefit from more physical work and activity.

Basically, if your body is not coping with the activity you’re doing you got two choices:

1) stop doing it
2) prepare your body better for next time

Which one seems more constructive?


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