10 kilometers, sub-40 minutes, 10 weeks to prepare

Skjermbilde 2013-02-17 kl. 13.52.31
Ten weeks of preparation to run a 10 kilometer race in under 40 minutes. This is the project I have just undertaken by signing up for the 10K race “Sentrumsløpet”.

Is it doable? I guess that would depend on your starting point. Mine is that of a competitive biathlete whose career came to a halt 9 years ago. Since, I’ve passed through the compulsory periods of weight lifting while at uni, gradually decreasing frequency of recreational exercise to getting swallowed by work and doing no training what so ever.

For the last 3-4 years, the only training I have done per se is a month of preparation for a local bike race every July. With a few exceptions, I’ve hardly done any running what so ever. Current status is a guesstimated 3-4 kilos off match weight (only), but with an adipose:muscle tissue ration I would rather not dwell on.

A question of equally great interest as the sub-40 minutes goal, is whether or not my body will cope with the amounts of training necessary without suffering injuries on the way. It will be an interesting stunt, both from an exercise physiology and from a sports injury and preventative point of view.

I will be updating this site with videos and information on my strategy, workouts, progress and of course results on a weekly basis for the next 10 weeks to come.

Stay tuned!


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