Musculoskeletal specialist wanted

Society seeking musculoskeletal specialist for co-management of patients with acute and chronic disorders in the above category.
The right prospect will coordinate diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients from numerous physicians that do not respond sufficiently to a brief trial of NSAIDs and the instruction to up their physical activity levels.

Job requirements
– extensive post graduate training, preferably university level masters degree
– specialisation in the field of neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis and management, of which spinal disorders will be central
– a thorough understanding of scientific methodology
– interest and ability to stay on top of the current scientific literature in your field and implement this into clinical practice
– adept skills in cost-efficient treatment and rehabilitation techniques
– understanding of the benefits and limitations of the above techniques
– ability to communicate your work in a common inter-professional language
– knowledge and ability to communicate a biologically plausible rationale, as well as documentation to support your management strategies
– flexibility to accommodate patients with particular needs
– will to alter management strategy if the patient does not respond satisfactory

Please refrain from applying if you
– regularly advertise discounted initial counsultations
– make unsubstantiated claims of efficacy
– use invalid diagnostic tests as the fundamental indicator for treatment
– book +6 patients an hour

A suitable clinician or profession can expect a regular flow of patients and a position as a leader within a field in high demand of cost efficient and evidence based services.

The above is of course no actual job description, but rather expresses what to me appears to be the obvious way forward for chiropractic, as well as musculoskeletal health care in general. There is a market of grotesque proportions available for the profession (or clinician) that can demonstrate itself as a patient-centered and evidence-informed solution to one of the biggest health-related headaches of society, that is musculoskeletal disorders. Will write more of the stupidity in neuromusculoskeletal health care marketing in the time to come.


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