How to study medicine 2 – File sharing and library

If you’re accepted into med school, chances are you know a fair bit about studying already. Still, there might be some useful tools out there that could make your work even more efficient.

File sharing

There are a bunch of solutions for storing and sharing files online for easy access anywhere.

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Dropbox let’s you store files on an online account that can be accessed from any computer or device with a web browser and internet connection. By downloading the software, you can organize your files and folders in much the same way as in Finder/Explorer. By dragging and dropping files into your Dropbox folder, your files synch automatically with your online dropbox account. You can also invite other users to share your folder og create a hyperlink to share a single file. A big pro is that every referral you create earns you an additional 500 MB of storage.

Free account: 2 GB storage (up to 18 GB, 500 MB per referral)
Compatibility: Mac & PC

Several other providers, such as Box, offers quite the same services and functionality as Dropbox.

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Droplr is my preferred service for quick sharing of single files via email or chats. Droplr lets you assign a file to be shared, and then instantly uploads this to your online Dropls account and creates a hyperlink for other people to download. Compared to Dropbox, Droplr is less designed for organizing files and folders, and more for quick file sharing.

Free account: 1 GB

Compatibility: Mac & PC

Research papers library

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Papers (from Mekentosj) is a software that does for your research papers what iTunes does for your music. Except without being the pain in the **s that iTunes is.

Papers lets you import your pdf research papers and organize them in folders, much in the same way as in Finder/Explorer. However, the software also extracts the metadata from the pdf, which allows easy cataloguing and searching by title, author, journal etc. What’s more, you can highlight text and attach comments and summaries to each pdf from within Papers. You can also create and export reference lists by selecting the relevant pdfs. However, I have found this function somewhat difficult to integrate with footnotes in text editors like Pages and Word. For the purpose of referencing when writing papers, you might find Endnote for efficient, although I don’t have much experience with this software yet.

Another plus with Papers is a built in search engine that lets you search most scientific databases for scientific writing. From here you can download the articles directly into Papers.

Cost: $79 (students receive a 40% discount)
Free trail: 30 days

Compatibility: Mac & PC

What tools do you use for studying?

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