Enter examen philosophicum

It is virtually impossible to be a chiropractor without having a view on philosophy. In particular the philosophy of chiropractic. It seems that whenever I’m stuck in a discussion or argument, the disagreements tend to emerge from differences of an epistemological nature.

In retrospect, I am annoyed at how little I learnt about philosophy while studying chiropractic. Sure enough I could have read the green books, and I did indeed give it a go once. However, I never received any training in philosophy, and thus had no reference point by which to critique the writings of the Palmers. An understanding ontology, epistemology and how thinking developed from the philosophy of the ancient Greeks to the scientific method of modern science would indeed have been useful during the history lessons on the early 20th century.

Two lessons in, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in my group (besides the impressively enthusiastic tutor) who looks forward to more Platon, Aristoteles and Descartes.

#Ex.Phil. ftw


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