An unexpected journey

Day one under the belt. It doesn’t really feel as different as I would expect. If someone had told me when I graduated from my masters 2 years ago that I would be back at uni so quickly I would have laughed. Funny how quickly things change.

In my country, getting into med school is said to be harder than actually completing it. Not that the course isn’t heavy enough, but the strictly GPA-regulated uptake has left the race for top marks brutally fair. Most students spend some years collecting the points they need to get in. And although having to repeat high school exams, on topics I covered in depth at university, left me feeling quite undignified, it also raised my expectations for what was to come.

The initial process of introductions and enrollment though, was way too familiar to escape the memories from the first week of my chiro degree. It’s really just another university degree.

That being said, I’m looking forward to this semester with excitement. The advantage of having practiced (and debated) for some time is that topics such as social medicine, human biology and philosophy suddenly becomes interesting.



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